Diagnosis of Dental Pain

We know that a toothache can be one of the worst types of pain to experience. Because of this, we make every effort to get you in as quickly as possible to determine the source of your pain.

We will start by reviewing your medical and dental history followed by a few x-rays and a CBCT (3D scan). The 3D scan allows us to visualize the internal anatomy of the tooth and surrounding structures, which aids in diagnosing your pain. After that, your endodontist will ask a few questions about the nature, location and history of your current pain. A few quick tests combined with digital x-rays will allow your endodontist to properly diagnose the source of your pain and recommend the most favorable treatment options.

Most of the time, your dental pain can be relieved by endodontic treatment which also allows you to save your natural tooth. In rare cases, the pain might not be originating from a tooth. There can be TMJ pain, muscle pain or neuralgia (nerve pain) that can sometimes manifest as tooth pain. Our diagnostic testing, advanced technology and clinical expertise will determine where your pain is coming from and which treatment options will help eliminate the pain as quickly as possible.

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